Biopharmaceutical companies face challenges including evolving regulations and demands to constantly innovate and maximize yields. Successful production requires hygienic equipment that eliminates the risk of contamination and maximizes yield. KPS helps overcome these challenges with biotech process knowledge and products that ensures hygienic processing, low cost of ownership and minimal contamination risks. Easily adapted to pilot scale and scale-up to commercial production, our products ensures safe, continuous and cost-effective production and contributes to increased production yields.


KPS provide the services that the pharmaceutical industry needs: technical know-how, process evaluation, product development, market-leading technology, and ongoing support. To succeed, pharmaceutical manufacturers demand efficient, hygienic equipment that delivers continuous processes and sustainable performance. KPS has an extensive offering of components and solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


Dairy processing is rising rapidly around the globe to meet the increasing appetite for milk and milk products from an ever-growing population. KPS’s years of experience and comprehensive know-how is leading the way in processing one of the world’s most important and versatile foods. KPS comprehensive range of innovative hygienic components are key building blocks in dairy processes.


The food & beverage market is experiencing dynamic growth worldwide and there is an increasing variety of new products to meet demand, from fruit juices, even with natural bits, to isotonic and health drinks. KPS is providing the technical expertise to help producers, brewers and wine makers to quench the global thirst for beverages.